Elvaco MetPro višenamjenski (multipurpose) kontejneri


Construction site and Housing Containers

Premium Modular Homes

Technical Containers

Swap body Containers

Mobile Flex Power Systems

Roll-off Containers

Elvaco MetPro cilindrične cisterne - tankovi

Production of Process Equipment


Equipment for transport, cleaning and storage of cereals, oilseeds and similar products

Other products: Car eaves, Platforms, Kiosk

Elvaco MetPro elektrode


Classical electrodes
Welding electrodes for high-alloyed steels
Electrodes for high temperature steel welding
Electrodes for cast iron welding
Electrodes for non-carbon alloyed steel welding
Electrodes for low-carbon alloyed steel welding
Electrodes for gas welding
High-alloyed ferit electrodes
Hardfacing electrodes
Special hardfacing electrodes wear resistant
Electrodes for gouging

Elvaco MetPro metalne ograde obložene plastikom

Production of Welded Meshes and Coated Fence Systems

Metal fence coated with plastic

Longitudinal, lateral and mutually supporting meshes

Lattice girders

Armed wire