Technical containers are units adapted to the industrial needs of clients. They can function as independent facility but also as parts of production processes. They can be in standard dimensions or completely adapted to process needs.

We are able to make a completely new unit or to adapt transport containers and to perform CSC certification after adaptation so that your product can travel around the world on regular shipping container lines.

Exterior of the GENSET unit

Elvaco MetPro Gen Set kontejneri

CONTAINER - Standard - 20 ft

Dimensions: [mm] Length x width x height: 6058 x 2438 x 2591

Total weight container [kg]: approx. 4700

- The standard container for exterior doors to open;
- Waterproof construction;
- No additional sound insulation;
- Service door (right and left side) with panic release;
- Lighting: 2 lamps, one on each side 240V;
- 35 dB exhaust muffler built into the tank;
- Cable outlet with access to cable terminals;
- Built-in 6000 l tank with double wall;
- Intake and exhaust vents, sand blockers included.

Elvaco MetPro Gen Set kontejneri


Rated power [kVA]: 130
Overload according to DIN 6280-13: 10%
Power factor [cos phi]: 0.8
Voltage [V]: 400/231
Frequency [Hz]: 50
Dimensions [mm]: length x width x height: approx. 2200 x 1000 x 1300
Weight [kg]: 1250

DIESEL ENGINE (water cooling)

Manufacturer: Volvo
Type: TAD 532GE
Operation: 4-stroke
Aspiration: Turbo
Cylinders / Form 4 / Linear motor
Output data according to ISO 3046
10% overload [kW]: 113
Speed [rpm]: 1500
Bore / Stroke [mm]: 108/130
Extrusion [liters]: 4,764
Fuel consumption at full load [g / kWh]: 226
- ¾ load [g / kWh]: 226
- ½ load [g / kWh]: 232
Lubricating oil consumption l / h]: 0.03
Lubricating oil filler + filter [liter]: 16
Motor with electric voltage [V]: 12/24
Weight [kg]: 580

Drawing of installations inside the container

Elvaco MetPro Gen Set kontejneri

Brushless alternator with internal pole with integrated excitation and AVR system:

Manufacturer: PERIN
Type: GEPG274D
Rated power [kVA]: 130
Power factor: 0.8
Voltage [V]: 400/231
Voltage range +/- 5%
Rev. [rpm]: 1500
Frequency [Hz]: 50
Insulation class: F
Degree of protection IP: 21
Design according to VDE0530 / IEC 34